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special mobile platform

Diesel fuel | Gasoline engine | Bi-ENERGY

Working height


Max. outreach

7,00 m

Max. basket load/motor


Diesel fuel | Gasoline engine | Bi-ENERGY
Diesel fuel | Gasoline engine | Bi-ENERGY


Special lifts


Work even in rough terrain ALMAC's special aerial work platforms are ideal for use where space is limited or difficult to reach. Despite the high working heights, this series impresses with its very compact and sturdy design.


Jibbi und BiBi




Special telescopic crawler platform



Vielseitig und Benutzerfreundlichkeit


The JIBBI 1250 EVO is a self-propelled telescopic crawler platform with a max. Working height of 12.20 m. Equipped with a dynamic / automatic leveling system, the machine is ideal for working in rough terrain or on steep slopes.


In addition to the powerful 19.2 hp three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine and the adjustable crawler chassis, which can be retracted from 1.95 m to 1.15 m, the JIBBI 1250 EVO has an innovative automatic telescopic boom leveling system. Depending on the operating conditions and load in the basket (max 230 kg), this allows a lateral variable range of max. 7,00 m.


The proven automatic leveling technology (Dynamic / Proactive) offers the possibility to move the machine up to a maximum height of 8.00 m at the place of use. The time required for a repositioning is thereby considerably reduced.


Thanks to its low total weight of 2,850 kg, the JIBBI 1250 EVO is also ideal for indoor use. In order to be able to work with zero emissions and as much as possible on the floor, the machine can be optionally equipped with light caterpillars and a 230V electric motor.



Special scissor tracked aerial platforms



The scissor lift range on crawler tracks from Almac ranges from 7.9 m to 14.0 m working height and can be supplemented or combined with a wide variety of options depending on the customer's wishes. Value is placed above all on stability of the stages and the high-quality processing of the individual building components. The patented self-leveling crawler undercarriage offers the user completely new possibilities in the height access technology and completes perfectly with its unique selling point stage portfolio of Omme Lift GmbH.


By way of example, the special properties of these innovative devices will be described using the BIBI 1090-BL EVO. With this tracked scissor lift BIBI 1090-BL EVO work can be carried out up to 10 m height. The user has 300 kg load capacity available. A special feature of the Almac scissor lifts is the chassis with automatic bi-leveling function. This allows the crawler chassis to compensate in the longitudinal direction forwards +/- 15 ° and backwards of even +/- 20 °. Furthermore, a transverse leveling of +/- 14 ° is available. Thanks to the caterpillar drive and self-leveling, the BIBI masters even difficult rough and uneven terrain with a maximum transverse inclination of 21 ° and offers a maximum climbing ability of 25 °. The BIBI 1090-BL EVO is powered by a standard 12.5 kW Kubota engine.


Optionally, the aerial work platform can be ordered with an electrically powered drive variant, so that both indoor and outdoor use is possible. Even indoors, the caterpillar drive offers various advantages, such as lower ground pressure or good maneuverability in cramped conditions. The compact transport dimensions of the 2.28 m long machine also contribute to this. With a narrow chassis, the BIBI offers 1.46 m width at a minimum height of 2.05 m. With a wide chassis of 1.64 m width, the minimum height is reduced to 1.89 m. The total weight of the BIBI 1090-BL EVO is 2,830 kg.




Standard equipment ALMAC special scissors


  • Crawler track with rubber-armored steel chains with low point load
  • Automatic tilt control
  • Automatic Kob leveling
  • proportional control
  • Complete documentation: operating instructions, electrical and hydraulic diagram, detailed spare parts list